Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's Rant: check those receipts, and expiration dates!

On Tuesdays I sometimes take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em to death, they ain’t perfect. And today's rant is a double-rant, over two things I've recently witnessed at the Bullseye:

1 - As I've commented before, you need to check your receipts upon checkout, because more and more clerks keep making "mistakes". Three times now in the past month I've been double-charged for the same item. In fact just yesterday, I was charged for two Breathe-Right packs, when in fact I only bought one. This may sound trivial, but at almost $13 a pack, it adds up.

2 - Also, please check the expiration dates on food items. A couple of weeks ago, my mom bought a 4-pack of Activia yogurt... only to get it home and realize that it had expired back on February 10th :-(


Tina said...

I learned my lesson years ago. Ralphs used to sell expired items, I learned from them. So I always check expiration dates.

As for Target, I've been real lucky. I shop at 2 different Targets weekly and have never seen/had the expiration problem. Although, the double charge, I've had but the cashier has always caught it right away.

mommydearest said...

Ugh, the double-charge! Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME! And the cashier who is too lazy to scan each individual item - sometimes I buy different sizes or colors (they have different DPCIs) and then realize the cashier scanned one twice. Thankfully, so far they have been understanding at CS...

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Expired food is totally worth a rant!Making people ill is inexcusable. You tell 'em.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Missy said...

I love Target too!

But I always tell EVERYONE to check their dates!

I've brought home expired food on SEVERAL occasions and it is SO frustrating!

And I try to watch them scan my items. But last night they got me. My Lysol Wipes rang up wrong, I noticed it after the transaction, so I went to Guest Services where it got messed up again! They returned the 2 full price ones, then re-rang them at the sale price and didn't deduct for my coupons! I didn't notice until I got home!