Saturday, December 4, 2010

Consumer Alert: check those receipts!

Readers, just a little friendly reminder to double-check your Target receipts before leaving the store, especially this month. Because for some reason, the Bullseye always seems to try and OVERcharge me during the holidays.

Case in point: yesterday, I was at the checkout stand, and several items (at least 4) accidently rang up twice. In each case the helpful clerk seemed to catch the mistake, and took the additional items off my bill. However, as I was leaving the store, I double-checked my receipt....and sure enough, I'd been charged for TWO boxes of cereal, whereas I had only bought one. I know this sounds trivial, but at $4 a box, I wasn't going to walk out of the store without getting my $$ back! The gal at the Customer Service desk refunded me immediately for the error, and it seemed by her attitude that this is a common occurance.


mommydearest said...

This happens to me ALL THE TIME!! The other thing they do is instead of scanning each individual item, if there are two *similar* ones, they'll scan the same one twice. But of course they don't have the same DPCIs and then I have to go to back and get customer service to fix it.

Piewacket said...

I have a lot of problems with my local Target having the wrong price on things. Sometimes the item is even lower than the price on the shelve! I agree, you must check carefully. I was not aware though of the double scan so thanks for the heads up!