Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. First off, a little reminder: all Target stores are closed today for Easter Sunday. Which might be why my local Target store was so darn busy when I tried to make a quick run there yesterday!

Anyhow, today's pick is a selection of men's Converse One Star shirts, tees, and shorts, all on sale for $17-$20. And just in time, too, as our teenage boys have their Spring break next week, so I can haul them over to Target to stock up on these basic wardrobe items.

Selected women's fashions from Converse are also on sale, and you can watch for a post on that tomorrow. Until then, Happy Easter everyone!

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