Monday, April 12, 2010

Overheard: "This Giada stuff is selling like hotcakes!"

At my local Target store today, the sales clerk in my checkout line noticed the Orzo in my shopping cart (yes, I bought another box) and commented that "this Giada stuff is selling like hotcakes!" She said she didn't realize that Giada's line included food items, but noted that her cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools and cookbooks seemed to be flying off the shelves this week (and mind you, it's only Monday!). Perhaps that's because selected items from the Giada de Laurentiis line is on sale this week at Target (April 11-17).


Pamela said...

Hmmmm, it always looks like there are full shelves of her stuff at my store. I like Giada but I always get turned off when all these celebrity chefs start hawking all their goods. They all have food items, cookware, etc. I understand the cookbooks, but all the rest is too much for me.

BTW, Eugenia Kim hats were out at one of my local stores!!! I did a review of them on my blog (I tried them all on!) and ended up buying 3!!

Target-Addict said...

Arrgghhh...Pamela, I totally FORGOT to check out to see if the Eugenia Kim hats were out yet - bummer!

And I hear you on the Giada stuff. IMO, her cookware and bakeware seem overpriced to me. I'll have to look next time I'm there, but I wonder if Target is still carrying Rachel Ray's cookware line? It wouldn't surprise me if the retailer had to drop her once they signed Giada.