Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double-Take: Crate & Barrel's Chair vs. Target's

It’s time for another double-take, and this time, we take on the furniture department. To be fair, these chairs are not identical. Both come in different fabric options, and I’ve just chosen two at random. But the overall shape is the same, and both get high customer reviews. However, when you hear the price delta between Crate & Barrel's “Décor” chair and Target's “Mitchell” chair, it’s hard to justify paying over 4-times as much for the Crate & Barrel version. Can you guess which is which? The answer is in the comments section.


Target-Addict said...

On the left is C&B's chair for a whopping $578 each, and on the right is Target's chair at a much more comfortable price point of just $129 each.

Kelly said...

LOL! And I think Target's is MUCH cuter!