Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double-Take: Banana Republic vs. Mossimo

It's time for another double-take, and this time the matchup is between Banana Republic and Mossimo (at Target). Both tank tops sport a double-layer of cascading ruffles on the scooped neckline, and both come in a punchy pink hue. But the BR one will set you back $39.50, whereas the Mossimo one is less than half that.

Can you guess which one is which? I’ve posted the answer in the comments section.


Target-Addict said...

On the left is the Mossimo tank (for just $14.99) and on the right is the pricier BR one (at $39.50).

Angie said...

Is it sad that I recognized the bottom of the face of the Target model from all of the hours poking around on Target.com?!

Target-Addict said...

LOL, Angie! I know what you mean ;-)

And the BR one is pretty recognizable in that they "accessorize" it with one of their necklaces, which Target doesn't do with their clothing shots.

hush said...

That was fun & I'm delurking to say I seriously adore your blog! I also guessed correctly - but only because of the unseasonal black pants in the Target one, and the necklace & white pants the BR one. So let's all save our pennies and buy the Target version - as usual! ;)