Thursday, October 5, 2017

What happened to Who What Wear?

Earlier this year I spoke about my fondness of Who What Wear at Target. Now, however, that fondness has waned. Outside of a couple of cute off-the-shoulder tops I bought over the Summer, I haven't purchased anything from WWW in quite a while. And looking at some of their latest Fall offerings (shown here) I'll pass. Shiny faux-leather bomber jackets with baby blue fake fur collars? Ick. Oversized sweatshirts with exaggerated poplin ruffled sleeves? No thanks.

There still are a couple of bright spots in the WWW line, like this flutter sleeve lace LBD which is highly rated on Likewise, this leopard-print coat looks cute and versatile. But for the most part, I'll be avoiding Who What Wear this season.


58 Cherries said...

I saw those jackets today. I said, oh no, they killed Cookie Monster! Ugh. Ugly.

Amy said...

I used to really like WWW, but it is so bad now. Frankengarments!

sarvan said...
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