Sunday, October 22, 2017

New clearance endcaps at Target...

Yesterday at my local Target store I noticed something new: yellow clearance endcap signs (instead of the traditional red ones). I guess Target is trying to better differentiate clearance endcaps from regular ones with the new color scheme. I will admit they're easier to spot, although suddenly seeing yellow signs- in the sea of Target red branding - was a bit jarring.


Unknown said...

I will check my South Bay Target tomorrow for it. Imo, those would look totally out of place in the traditional Target color scheme. Curious - are clearance price stickers now yellow as well or they are remaining Target red?

From design/signage perspective - yellow and black combination is usually reserved to emergency signs (radioactive hazard sign as an example).

Target Addict said...

Unknown: you are totally right about yellow/black being a color combo for "emergency" situations. I hadn't thought about that! And to answer your question: the actual clearance stickers are still red.

The more I think about these new signs, the more I don't like them. I think they look a bit cheap, like something you'd likely see in Kmart or Walmart vs. Target. The previous signs were understated, with a simple 'clearance' typed in white on a red background. Sure, you could argue they were harder to spot, but I think that was part of the appeal: Target wasn't "screaming" what items were on sale, and you had to hunt for them a bit.

PS: so far I've seen the yellow endcaps at two stores - RWC and San Mateo.

Unknown said...

Yes, those signs definitely cheapen Target image. You are right, Target Addict, on Walmart's web-site if you scroll down the home page you'll see yellow and black clearance signs.

Who knows, maybe yellow and black will become an industry standard for clearance signage (just kidding!)