Monday, October 30, 2017

Velour/Velvet: make it stop!

I've noticed a disturbing trend in retail lately: Velour/Velvet is everywhere, including Target. You can't walk anywhere in the Womens' department without running into a top like this one (shown) which I call 'velour' but is probably just a poor attempt at crushed velvet. I can't tell you how bad these tops look IRL. The fabric just screams "cheap". This particular top was at regular price, but I also saw a ton of similar Mossimo velvety tops already on the clearance racks. And if do a search on 'velvet' on, you get over 200 results for clothing alone.

While Target is a prime offender, they're not the only one. During a trip to the mall yesterday, I noticed a ton of velvet clothing at stores like Banana Republic and Madewell. But to be honest, some of their stuff - despite being a lot more expensive - looked just as bad as the options at Target.


Carol Szafalowicz said...

I've been reading your posts now for awhile and have enjoyed them, some I relate to and some I don't but today, girlfriend, I'm completely and totally with you........this so called
"velvet" trend is HORRIBLE!!! Whether you see it at a expensive store or less expensive it's God awful!!! I for one will NOT be jumping on this trend. That's for this truthful expressive post, loved it.

Target Addict said...

Ha ha ha.... thanks Carol! Glad you could relate ;-)

Ericka Aspiegirl said...

doesnt anybody remember this? the 90s? i even saw SHOES that were "velvet". just like the 90s. i dont remember if it was early/mid/late 90s, but i know we had velvet things when we were a kid.
its just gross. :P

Target Addict said...

Oh Ericka, I hear ya: this stuff is straight out of the 80's/90's. Both decades had phases of this bad fashion trend.

58 Cherries said...

Yes. It's terrible fad from the 90's that I do NOT want to see again. Old Navy has tons, too. Ugh ugh ugh.