Monday, August 28, 2017

Two of Target's new brands now online...

I got an email yesterday from Target announcing that two of their new lines - A New Day and Goodfellow and  Co. - are now available for purchase online. As I blogged previously, I'm not a fan of A New Day - at least not with the items I've seen so far in stores. While I'm tempted to order a couple of items to try them on, I'm hesitant as I just don't have a lot of faith they'll work out. IMO, A New Day has more Junior-y sizing and more trendy (vs. classic) styling, meaning these are items meant to last just 1-2 seasons vs. year to year.

I'm also curious how Target is going to handle inventory and turnover with both of these new fashion lines. The aim with both is more of a "fast fashion" model (like H&M and Zara) with the introduction of new styles once a month vs. just once a quarter.  Will Target still want "last month's fashion" hanging around in stores (if they don't sell or are customer returns) or will they keep cycling them out quickly to make room for new merchandise?


NSHD said...

I was at my local Target yesterday and saw both lines there. "A New Day" is not entirely like Merona or Mossimo -- but it is pretty close. It's a little hipper than Merona and definitely better made than Mossimo. If I were to compare it to other fast fashion brands, "AND" looks a lot like Uniqlo had a lovechilde with H&M -- kind of schizo, it doesn't quite know if it wants to be "boho chic" or "working girl utilitarian". The fit is definitely smaller than Merona and the color story is all over the place (lots of navy, teal, and rusty red/burgundy with a wash of yellow). I was REALLY impressed with the accessories in the "AND" brand -- I ended up buying a pair of lovely stack-heeled purple satin mary jane shoes and am contemplating buying a burgundy satchel that looks a lot more expensive than it's $39 price tag. My husband tried on a few Goodfellows khakis and liked the fit but ended up buying two shirts as they look much more expensive than the pricetag and they are made very well. Overall, I would not say that "AND" is an improvement over Merona or Mossimo, I would say that it is just different and will need time to figure out who their audience really is.

floating thru fields said...

I went yesterday and I've seen some stuff here and there, but they are definitely rolling it out now. I was impressed with some things, the quality was nicer than expected on some items and it seemed a little bit cheaper than merona/ mossimo

Anonymous said...

There were a few items that hadn't "leaked" yet at my local Target over the past few weeks that I wanted to see so I went to take a peek. I wasn't too impressed. I had my eye on that floral t-shirt that has been in all the promotions, but when I saw it close up, I realized it wasn't for me. Too see through. I did snag a few long sleeve shirts for $10 each that surprisingly are thick enough that I don't have to wear a cami underneath which is rare these days.

I took a quick peek at the cardigans, didn't get a chance to try one on, but the quality seemed a bit iffy to me. I love love love Merona's cardigans from last year so I really hope AND is just as good.

I also bought the red plaid coat which isn't as thick as I had hoped, but will be great for fall. I feel like if it were Merona, it would have been much thicker. I have a purple/pink plaid Merona coat that I bought years ago that has gotten me through some brutal winters. With this one, I'll be lucky if I can wear it past October. BTW, if anyone was eyeing that particular coat, just so you know, it runs HUGE. I'm no where near a x-small/small, but the thing was so huge I had to go two sizes down. I'm really not a fan of the "oversized" trend. I hope Target steers clear of this.

Evelyn Chennault said...

I had a chance to check out the line in store yesterday. I liked some of the clothing and the quality of the fabrics were in line with the price point. I really liked the straight leg pants with side piping and I fell in love with the tencel military jacket. I was disappointed in the fact that none of their plus size offerings seemed to be available in store. The Target location that I went to seemed to have all of the Merona products on clearance and I am really going to miss the Merona T-shirts (thank goodness I already have a whole drawer full of those). There was still lots of Mossimo pieces on the floor at full price. I am wondering however, about jeans. It does not appear that A New Day has any denim. So is Target going to continue carrying the Mossimo denim or just Denizen. Who What Wear appears to still be going strong as is Xhilaration. Ava and Viv still seems to be active. I strolled through the hosiery department and I will tell you, I have never been so excited about socks. A New Day has some really cute socks, all of the socks!!!!

I also slid over to the men's department to check out Goodfellow, and I was pretty impressed with the quality of the fabrics.

I can honestly say that I did not walk out the store in a huff exclaiming that I will never shop for clothing at Target again. I don't have a problem with change and I am willing to go through the changes and growing pains with my favorite store.