Thursday, August 17, 2017

Double-Take: FENTY Puma vs. Mossimo

It's time for another double-take, where we take one item from Tar-shay and match it up against a lookalike - yet pricier - designer piece. Today we have two trendy bow slide sandals in blush pink. Both are cute, but one is from the FENTY Puma collab with Rihanna and will set you back $90 (at Bloomingdales) whereas the other pair from Mossimo costs just $22.99 (at Target). Which one is which? The answer appears in the comments section below.


Target Addict said...

The slide on the top is the spendy Puma one, and the one on the bottom is the more wallet-friendly Mossimo version.

floating thru fields said...

I saw those in store
I think the Target looks cuter since its matching material