Monday, July 22, 2013

Umberto gets a makeover...

The Umberto Beverly Hills line of haircare products has had a makeover. The line by veteran master stylist Umberto Savone has been sold at Target since 2006, and as he explained to"After eight years, it was time for a change. We wanted to refresh it." The previously-gold colored bottles now boast a new silver hue, a more user-friendly color-coded system and a sleeker shape.

Since his products are manufactured in Los Angeles - not too far from his Beverly Hills salon - Savone says "we have control over everything in the bottle." Along with the updated packaging, several products also got a sulfate-free formula upgrade.

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The Budget Babe said...

I can't get over the way the Umberto line smells, despite the fact that they perform well...too perfumy/chemically for me.