Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Double-Take: Pottery Barn vs. Target

It's time for another double-take, where we take one item from Target and match it against a lookalike - yet more expensive - piece. Today we have two similar large glass jugs (approx. 21.5" high) that can be used either as a vase or just on it own as a decorative accent.  But one of them is from Pottery Barn and weighs in at a whopping $149, whereas the other is from Target and only costs $44.99.  Which one is which?  The answer appears in the comments section below.


Target Addict said...

The "large glass floor vase" on the left is the more wallet-friendly one from Target, and the "found oversized wine jug" on the right is from Pottery Barn (and full disclosure: is supposed to be a "vintage" item from Central Europe). But regardless of that, the Target version gives you the same look for MUCH less money!

Sandee Royalty said...

I love that glass bottle! I just got a $5 off coupon in the mail for a threshold item! Yay! I can't wait to see what I end up with.