Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New at Target: Yonanas

Have you heard about Yonanas? All of a sudden, this hot new "fro-yo" maker seems to be everywhere: on TV, on the Internet, and now, coming to a Target store near you.

The Yonanas Maker is a revolutionary new kitchen appliance that takes frozen fruits – like ripe bananas, mangos, peaches, coconut, and strawberries – and creates a creamy frozen treat that looks, tastes, and feels just like soft-serve ice cream. A major benefit of this new frozen treat-maker is that fruits low calorie and loaded with nutrients and vitamins. Frozen yogurt and ice cream, on the other hand, are filled with calcium, but they are also loaded with calories and sugar. A large cup of “fro-yo” can contain 380 calories and 76 grams of sugar. By comparison, a large cup of Yonanas offers zero fat, no cholesterol, and half the calories of ice cream.

And beginning this month, the Yonanas Maker will be available at select Target stores and on for $49.99. If anyone's tried Yonanas yet, please leave a comment here with your thoughts; I'm really tempted to try this thing, but would love to hear some "customer reviews" first!

PS - On a programming note: work will be taking me away from my computer (and this blog) for several days, so no more posts until next Monday at the earliest.


Anonymous said...

They had something like this at Whole Foods doing a demo a couple of months ago. I didn't see what fruits and veggies they put in it, but the sample was absolutely fantastic. And I'm usually an ice cream instead of fruit kind of girl any day of the week. If I had the cabinet space to store one, I think it would be a great investment.

mauigirl said...

Read the comments on HSN before you buy. Looks like lots of units burn out the motor after a few uses. I was going to buy until I saw the number of people that had to return it because of a burned out motor.

Target Addict said...

Thanks for the tip, MauiGirl!

Anonymous said...

Dropping frozen bananas in a blender does the same thing. First the blend into tiny chips, but if you blend it enough it takes on a soft serve like consistency.