Monday, July 13, 2009

Hollywood Intuition at Target: one hot mess!

Back in March, I shared with you the news that Shop Intuition – the trendy Hollywood boutique to the stars – was going to produce a line of jewelry, bags and accessories for Target called Hollywood Intuition. I was dubious at the time, and true to my prediction, the collection is one hot mess!

First off, a warning: Target’s web site only shows a smattering of the pieces in the collection. Case in point: this black tote with attached scarf (pictured) is not on the web site yet. But I saw this tote in the store and one word came to mind: cheap. I also saw another faux-snakeskin bag (also not on the web site) that looked completely unremarkable. Seriously, you’d be much better off buying one of the faux-snake Mossimo bags as the styling is much better on theirs. I did see this bracelet set, but it was really cheaply packaged in a clear cello bag - ? [Maybe the Target employees were supposed to remove this outer covering? Not sure, but it was a turnoff]. The necklaces didn’t impress me, either.

Moving on, I saw this belt-bag in black and several crayola-brights. While it seemed fairly mundane at the time, in reading the positive review for it on Target’s web site, I can see how this bag might come in handy when you only want to carry a few things (like your keys and cell phone) but want something more than a wristlet bag. But don’t worry: Hollywood Intuition has plenty of those, too, should you want one.

The one bright spot in the collection is a set of three stretchy tie-dyed hair bands (one purple, one green and one yellow) for just $2.99. But even at that price, I didn’t feel compelled enough to buy them.

All in all, Hollywood Intuition is a another disappointing Target-designer collaboration. I'll pass on this one, and save my hard-earned money for the upcoming Carlos Falchi collection instead.


lazypadawan said...

I checked two Target stores today and neither store had the stuff.

Megan said...

I bought the headbands! How wrong can you go for three bucks?

The other designer collab I'm excited about is Simone Legno (Tokidoki). It's really been stealthy- I only noticed the t-shirts when I was walking past the boy's dept. So far I've spotted backpacks, and the shirts. I've read online that there will be school supplies as well. I have no idea why Target isn't this at all- Tokidoki collectors are a dedicated bunch.

MH said...

I agree--I would just go to's sale---

Lola said...

I had almost given up on finding anything from this collection when I was at Target this morning, but then saw the Mixed Media Necklace on a rack and realized everything was together on one decimated rack by the accessories. There was one Tote With Scarf, which did look pretty cheap; a couple packs of Fashion Tape; and one or two of the purple Rouched Scarves (looked kind of short). The one thing they had a lot of, which isn't on the web site, was a set of 4 pouches all together on one wristlet strap. I don't know if you're supposed to use them individually, or keep them all tied together (seems awkward). Another disappointment.

Anonymous said...

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