Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: this recycled pencil case

Here's a totally fat-free, no-guilt snack! This clever pencil case is made from a recycled chip bag. And get this: it's only a buck! Yep, that’s right: one American dollar. At left is a representative photo I found on the web; it seems that this eco-friendly pouch is a popular craft project, and there are dozens of sites out there with directions to DIY. But at only a dollar, why even bother making your own? Target’s versions come in a variety of “flavors” including Doritos, Sun Chips and Rold Gold pretzels. Unfortunately, I can’t find them on Target’s web site, but you can find them in the store on an endcap in the stationery department.

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Laura said...

My daughter has one made from a 'Nilla Wafers wrapper. It is a pencil case. We found it in the school supply section of the store. Last year a pianist gave a recital at Carnegie Hall in a dress made completely of Capri Sun containers. She said she just wanted to make a statement. Better than having all this stuff in land fills I say!