Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: the KROOOM Tree Stump Stool

While I was in Target the other day, I noticed a new endcap in the home furnishings department that had me do a double-take. What caught my eye was this wacky storage stool from a company called KROOOM, which looks exactly like a tree stump! It’d be perfect for a teen’s or dorm room, and although there were other styles of KROOOM stools there (one was definitely more “girly” in a pink & purple paisley print) this one really stood out. When I tried to find more information on Target’s site, there was none… so I did a web search and found out that that Jon at Happy Mundane was as taken with this item as I was. So check out his blog for more information and pics of KROOOM’s packaging and Target’s endcap.


Sher said...

Now this is just funny! While building our house, my Dad was cutting down trees and there were a few large ones. Anyway my Dad chain sawed one into a chair for my oldest son. It was the same as that stool but notched as an 'el' for a back. I'm sending this post to him, he'll get a laugh!

Target-Addict said...

How fun! I'm sure my nephew (away at college) would love a REAL wood stump. Hmmm...maybe my hubby can get out the chain saw and make him one for his dorm room - ?

greenspotter said...

cool stuff