Friday, May 15, 2009

New at Target: Glow Chic lingerie

Victoria's Secret didn't sell maternity nighties, so Rebekah Stivers decided she would. "Pregnant ladies want to feel sexy," Stivers says. "I'm not a mom. I just listened to the market."

That's why Stivers (of Minneapolis) launched her upscale maternity lingere line Whoa Mamma in 2007 and sold lacey sleepwear and bra and panty sets to a few online stores and boutiques. All the while, she kept her job as a risk consultant, just in case.

Then Target came calling, and everything changed. Stivers created a second, less expensive line of sleepwear for the discounter called Glow Chic, which is now available at Glow Chic's two-piece maternity sets — bra and panty, chemise and panty, top and lounging pant — sell for $49.

The partnership is new, but solid enough for Stivers to finally quit her day job. In addition to the Target deal, she is also currently shopping her more expensive Whoa Mamma line to upscale department stores.

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