Monday, December 22, 2008

Why this time of year frustrates me….

This is the time of year that frustrates me at Target, and why I most likely won’t be shopping there again until the day after Christmas (and only in order to pick up some post-holiday clearance items like Christmas decorations, cards and gift wrap).Yesterday was Dec. 21st. Yes, it’s just 3 days before Christmas, BUT it’s also the first official day of Winter. Half the country is buried in snow and guess what Target is putting out? Swimsuits and sundresses. Just try to find a scarf this time of year; I dare you. It’s the perfect weather for one, but Target will be sold out.

I’ve written about this before: about how I hate how Target (and other retailers) try to “rush the calendar”. Target had their Christmas decorations out as of September 17th. As of mid-December, they were putting out swimwear (again), which only just left the clearance racks in October. And as of today, they already have their “bridal season” collection out of gift wrap, invitations, stationery and party favors. Mark my words that by the end of this month (well before Jan. 1st ) they’ll put out all the Valentine’s stuff.

Look, I “get it”: Target (like other stores) need to replenish their stock and move on to the next season. I just wish they wouldn’t rush things so much. We should all learn to enjoy the season we’re in, vs. constantly looking ahead to the next one.


V said...

absolutely agree! I just saw the swimsuits out at my local Target and couldn't believe it!

hestermomma said...

Amen, amen, and amen!!!