Thursday, December 25, 2008

Target's Holiday Clearance Schedule

Merry Christmas! Hopefully all you readers are enjoying your holiday and NOT thinking of shopping today. But since many of us will likely be joining in the post-Christmas sale frenzy tomorrow, I thought it'd be worth sharing Target's holiday clearance schedule for seasonal goods (cards, wrap, decorations, ornaments, etc.).

The traditional schedule is:
50% off the day after the holiday, for three days
75% off the fourth day after the holiday, for three days
90% off the seventh day after holiday, for 1-2 days

Helpful hint: I think that Target (like many other mass retailers) did not order much surplus inventory this year. In perusing Target’s Seasonal aisles just couple of days ago, I saw far fewer things “left on the shelves” than in years past. So that means either A) Target may accelerate the above schedule to clear out the stuff sooner, or B) the discounts may never go deeper than 50% off, because there simply won’t be that much left to sell out.

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