Monday, December 15, 2008

Target vs. WalMart: the debate continues…

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Target, and not very fond of WalMart. So I had to weigh in when The Budget Fashionista recently hyped WalMart as “the new hot store”. I commented twice on her post, pointing out that “WalMart destroys many honest, hardworking ‘mom and pop’ institutions' and offers “less variety and more homogeneous, bland offerings” (not to mention that their merchandise is usually of poor quality). Well believe it or not, my comments were among the tamer ones; several readers jumped all over TBF for recommending WalMart as “the hot new place to shop” and even suggested the post was a paid advertorial (which is ridiculous, of course).

My take on all this? Everyone has their own preference. There are Target people, and there are WalMart people, just like there are Coke people and there are Pepsi people. And even that's oversimplifying it. As some of TBF's readers commented, they'll buy some items at WalMart (like health & beauty products and cleaning supplies) because the prices are a bit lower, but wouldn't be caught dead wearing their clothes.

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V said...

Target all the way! But, I will say I occassionally make my way into Walmart....only for health/beauty items though. Unfortunately, they are cheaper there...I wish Target would lower their prices on these items. But, for clothing/shoes...Target only. Walmart (don't care what location you go to) is shady and gross.
BTW, I'm linking you to my blog!