Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New at Target: Project 62 + Nate Berkus

Remember last week when I told you that it was the last call for Nate Berkus at Tar-jay? Well, not so fast. Yesterday I noticed this Project 62 Comforter set with an interesting label. It said "Project 62 + Nate Berkus". The back of the package had a picture of Nate with this text: "The best modern interiors happen when people create something that works beautifully and is deeply inspiring. Design your bedrooms and bathrooms with as much thoughtful detail as any other space. At the end of the day, every room should elevate the way you live." 

So there you have it. I guess Nate Berkus will continue his association by designing "for" Project 62 at Target vs. having his own brand there. I will be honest: from what I saw on the shelves, the "Nate Berkus" versions look no different than the regular Project 62 stuff, so I think he's lending his name only here (and not any real design direction).

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