Thursday, March 3, 2016

Introducing PillowTalkCouture...

After such a positive response to the Marimekko for Target collab yesterday, I thought I'd take the opportunity to announce my own new venture. I've opened an Etsy store called Pillow Talk Couture, and if you're a fan of bright, unique prints like those from Marimekko (and past Target collabs like Missoni, Liberty of London and Lilly Pulitzer) then you might want to check it out.

PillowTalkCouture is a mashup of my passions for vintage finds, eclectic design, and "up-cycling". As a child I was obsessed with my grandmother's extensive scarf collection in amazing colors and patterns, many by the graphic designer Vera Neumann (a brand that had its own mini-collab with Target a couple of years ago).

I recently re-discovered this vintage scarf collection and pondered "what could I do with these"?  I immediately thought of creating pillows, except for a few hurdles... first, I hadn't sewn in years, and the thought of re-learning how to insert zippers was daunting. Furthermore, I realized that pillow inserts were expensive - even at craft supply stores.

That's when it hit me: why not repurpose brand new, unwanted pillows languishing in the clearance bins at stores like Home Goods? I marry the pillow backs with color-coordinated vintage scarves, then re-use the pillow inserts. The result is a one-of-a-kind, up-cycled pillow with a vintage "face".

And boy, if these pillows could talk, they'd certainly have a lot to say! Many were part of my grandmother's personal collection (circa 1950's-1980's) and others are eBay finds. Shown here is just a sampling; right now I have about 15 uploaded to Etsy, but I just had another photo shoot this week and soon will be adding more to my inventory.

So check me out on Etsy - or follow me on Instagram @pillowtalkcouture - to learn more about my recent work and what inspires me!


Critifur said...

Very cool, I love Vera! Good luck!

Karen said...

These are so beautiful! What a great idea :)