Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Target Announces New Collab with Marimekko

Target is teaming up with Finnish design house Marimekko to bring the brand’s bold prints and cheerful colors to the masses starting April 17th. Known best for their vivid color combinations (which this preview pic is uncharacteristically lacking) the Marimekko partnership reminds me of Target's past collab with Liberty of London in that it's sure to be heavy on prints and patterns.

“When it comes to our partnerships, we travel far and wide to find designers and brands we think our guests will love,”
said Julie Guggemos, senior vice president, product design and development, Target. “For our spring collaboration, that brought us all the way to Finland! We’ve had our eye on Marimekko for quite some time, and can’t wait for guests to have a chance to shop this limited-edition collection in just a few short weeks.”

Marimekko for Target
will feature more than 200 print-centric pieces that span outdoor décor, furniture and entertaining essentials, as well as beach and swimwear for women and girls. The collection also features a number of firsts for Marimekko, including the bocce ball sets and parachutes. And best of all, most pieces will be priced under $50.

According to A Bullseye View, Marimekko was founded in post-World War II Finland by Armi Ratia to bring color and cheer back to the country. Armi asked a few of her artist friends to create avant-garde prints for her husband’s oil-cloth printing factory. But people wanted to wear the bold prints and colors and that is how Marimekko – meaning Mary’s dress – was born. Since then, Marimekko’s prints have appeared on everyone from Jacqueline Kennedy (she wore a Marimekko dress on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1960, causing an international sensation) to Sarah Jessica Parker.

Marimekko for Target
will be available at all Target stores and April 17th. Prices will range from $7.99 for sunscreen to $499.99 for a paddle board, but most items are under $50.


Sandee Royalty said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! I am super excited for this collab! Thanks for the heads-up!

4DsfromLHP said...

I'm loving what I think is a rash guard the model is wearing!

Susan said...

Gah! This one I'm excited for. Got my fingers crossed that the material isn't low quality.

Music said...

This is one of my favorite design companies. (I think I even see the Kaivo print in one of the pics.) I am such a sucker for Scandinavian prints - from IKEA to Sagaform to Klippan to Marimekko - UGH! The one thing I don't want to deal with is the usual potential for collab fanaticism and crazy shopping behavior. But the quality will be important. Marimekko usually has really nice cotton quality and beautiful ceramics. I hope they stick with good level materials.

Barbara said...

I've loved Marimekko for a long time. Looking forward to seeing this collaboration, but will try hard to resist the urge to get involved in the craziness that usually comes with these releases.

Targets Liberty of London collab is still my favorite of all time, and there was not the insane greediness a few years ago when it came out, at least not in my area.

Target Addict said...

Yes, readers- I'm really excited about this collab, too!

Shopping Celle said...

I loved the collab they did with Banana Republic 2 years ago. Several of the pieces were blogger favorites and sold out fast. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

This is exciting but sad that I will miss the best pieces of it since I will be in Spain that week. I hope there is some stuff leftover when I get back. bummer since I really love Marimekko prints