Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Am I the only one who still misses Isaac Mizrahi for Target? The outspoken designer started his line at Target back in 2002, with it ending in 2008. Shown here is an ad from the Spring/Summer 2004 collection.

Racked recently caught up with Isaac, and regarding Tar-shay, he said he was initially hesitant to partner with them.  "I was scared I would lose all my credibility as this couture kind of person," he says. "I even started making couture again at the same time, until I finally got the idea that it was not the right game for me." Ultimately he told himself it was the right fit because while he "wasn't going to make a deal with KMart, I did love Target, with all its humor in advertising."

You can read more about Isaac's uber-successful Target line, his current QVC collection, and how he got his start in high fashion here on Racked.


Barbara said...

I do I do...miss him. I still have a couple of blouses that I wear to this day. The quality was very good in all of that line if I remember correctly. I have a suede handbag that I still use. I also had eyeglasses with his name on them. One of my favorite frames of any I have had. I do recall when he did that collab that most Target shoppers I knew said...Isaac Who?

Wow, thanks for the trip down Targets memory lane.

priscilla said...

I still have a few dress from that line. Timeless and well made.

Amy said...

I also have some pieces from that line. Miss him!

Debra Forrest said...

I have a denim jacket from the line that I wear to this day. But one of my favorite pieces was a grey Tweed tam with hot pink satin lining that I lost in Charleston last year. I've tried to find it on eBay but have not been successful