Sunday, January 31, 2016

New at Target: Who What Wear

Despite today being the debut date for the new Who What Wear collab - and the fact Target held a star-studded launch party for the line a few days ago - the launch is already having issues online. It is currently 7am on launch day here on the West Coast, and so far there are only 5 items from the collab available on sale on This lack of preparedness tells me that Target isn't banking on this collab to be as much of a "big deal" as with big name designers in the past (like Jason Wu). Either that OR perhaps they're only releasing a few items from the collab each month, as I've read the line is supposed to be "updated on a monthly basis". But if that's the case, then why did they release the entire Lookbook already? I'll be visiting my local Target store later today, and if I happen to see the collab in store, I'll post my thoughts later today.

UPDATE: I did see the collab in the store, and in short, I wasn't impressed. I will post my full review tomorrow. In the meantime, FYI: Target must have been lagging in posting all the items from the collection online earlier today, because at the store I saw pretty much the full collab (and not just the 5 items posted on this morning).


Annonymous said...

I went at 8AM this morning and was the only person looking at the collection. As often happens, I left disappointed. Most interested in the long green vest but not our Target Tried on some tees but so sheer a cami would have to go under. Saw a sweater dress that looked like it was made for only a size 00, I am not a huge pattern person so that eliminated a fair amount of the collection for me. All in all, not impressed. I had same experience on line, looked at 7AM so that is why I went to the store when it opened. Not sure I will bother to do so with next clothing collection.

Target Addict said...

Annonymous: I couldn't agree more, and I will post a full review tomorrow.