Thursday, December 31, 2015

New at Target: Spring Faux Plants

Target has been carrying a variety of faux succulents for a while now, which has mystified me a bit as succulents are so easy to grow - why wouldn't you just have real ones? Now I notice that Target has expanded their selection in store, just in time for Spring decorating. And they're also offering faux "air plants" (shown here) which makes me laugh as these are even easier to grow and care for (as they don't even require soil, and only need water once a week.)


Angela Messer said...

I have fake succulents. It's less for me to worry about taking care of. *shrugs*

Barbara said...

I have lots of real succulents, but it's hard to get enough sunlight inside for them to thrive in winter. I've never liked the look of the fake ones, but I have to say, the ones I saw today at Target look very real. I think I will start replacing some of mine bit by bit with these little fakes.