Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cartwheel Deal: 30% Off Women's Cold Weather Accessories

Haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet? Yeah, I haven't either... so I was thrilled to find this Cartwheel deal for 30% off all women's cold weather accessories, including the limited-edition cashmere collection from Merona.  Which means I was able to nab this cozy cashmere-blend colorblock scarf as a gift for just $42 (regularly $59.99) at Target yesterday. And at a generous 80"x20" size, it's almost more of a wrap than a scarf.


Mike said...

Hello! Do you have any advertising options? Sorry to leave this as a comment but I didn't see your contact page.

Target Addict said...

Hi Mike - I have ads on my site via Google AdSense, but other than that, I do not offer direct advertising as my blog traffic isn't big enough for that. Thanks for reaching out, though!