Friday, April 24, 2015

Fab Find: This Merona Blouse

Let's all try to move away from the Lilly madness and attempt to find something to like about Target again, shall we? Like this adorable blouse by Merona (shown here). Besides this lovely "Florida Coral" color, it's available in Ebony, Calla Lilly (Ivory) and in stores I've also seen it in a pale pink shade they call "Cantaloupe". It's a polyester crepe, but to me this fabric feels softer (and more like silk) than other Merona blouses I've owned in the past. And I just adore the eyelet accents, which somehow gives this top a retro vibe.

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Music said...

Hello, Target Addict - yes, we need to cleanse the palate here. I have a different Merona top from this season, and I really like it. It's kind of a loose button-down tunic thing - more casual than the one you posted. But it's getting more use that I thought it would and comes in a lot of different colors. I'll have to check out this dressier version!