Monday, December 1, 2014

Target's "Cyber Week"

Target keeps pushing sales online with what they're dubbing "Cyber Week" in their Weekly Online Ad - a whole week of savings vs. just the traditional Cyber Monday. Nonetheless, The Bullseye is also running specials good for today only, like 'Buy One, Get One 60% Off' on all clothing, shoes and accessories.

At this point, you might have better luck - and a greater selection - by shopping online. I was at my local Target store yesterday, and already the offerings seemed to be picked over. I also noticed the womens department was pushing a depressing monochromatic palette of blacks, greys, creams, and blush, with very few bright colors in sight.


MER TPA said...

Yes..I blah this year!
Whats happened?

Marie said...

Agreed! What's with the dreary selection? But the hats and scarves were lovely!

Marie @ In Our Happy Place