Monday, December 29, 2014

Target Ad features child with Down syndrome...

Did you happen to catch this adorable toddler playing with an activity cube and sporting a pink ruffled dress in Target's Weekly Ad a couple of weeks ago? With soft blonde locks and a sparkling smile, Izzy Bradley of Minnesota has the look of a model but she’s an unlikely choice because she has Down syndrome.

SFGate reports that Target reached out to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network and selected Izzy for the ad from a several candidates. Izzy’s mother, Heather Davis, told CBS that she was thrilled Target chose her daughter.

“I really appreciate Target’s policy of including them in their ads. I think it really helps normalize Down syndrome and helps people to see we’re really just like any other family.” Davis also shared that she’s heard from people all over the world about the ad. “I’m really surprised at how much excitement has come from it. On Facebook, one sit it’s got up to a half million likes.”

This isn’t the first time Target has featured a child with Down syndrome in an ad. In 2012 they featured an 11-year-old boy named Ryan, one of the first kids with down Syndrome to launch a modeling career.

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