Sunday, December 7, 2014

New at Target: JACHS

On Black Friday I stayed home (vs. braving the mall) but I did shop online at It was there that I got a great deal on flannel sleep pants for my boys, just $10 each (regularly $19.99, and now priced at $15.99). When they arrived in the mail the other day, I looked at the label - JACHS - and since it was a brand I wasn't familiar with, I did some investigating...

JACHS NY was started in 2008 with the idea that "artistry and intricate attention to detail should make clothing effortless to wear." A mainly online retailer, they also have a storefront on Bleeker Street in NYC. According to their website, they "design fabrics from scratch and apply them to contemporary silhouettes inspired by vintage American styles. We are constantly experimenting with fabrics and innovating techniques in our local wash house to transform the most unique, comfortable, and wearable clothing. Our philosophy is simple. A person should look great without really trying."

The JACHS flannel pants I ordered are thicker, softer and of better quality than the usual flannel sleep pants sold at Target. In perusing Target's website, it looks like their JACHS offerings are limited to mainly sleep pants and flannel shirts (with a smattering of men's pants and blazers thrown in). From what I can tell, JACHS NY flannel shirts usually retail for about $89, but Target's version (like this one shown) go for $49.99 (on sale this week for just $34.99).


kayerikson said...

Did you get a mens size for your boys?
Not seeing a child's version
How was the sizing?

Target Addict said...

Sorry for the "boys" are really young men now (18 and 20) so yes, I bought mens sizes ;-)