Saturday, November 3, 2012

Double-Take: Target vs. TravelSmith

It's time for another double-take, where we take one item from the Bullseye and match it up against a similar - yet pricier - piece.  Since most of the U.S. is settling into winter weather patterns, I thought I'd feature a cozy cape sweater with cable detailing.  Both look comfy to wear, but one is by TravelSmith and will set you back almost $80, while the other is by Merona (at Target) and only costs $29.99.  Can you guess which is which?  The answer appears in the comments section below. 


Target Addict said...

The cape on the left is by Merona -and in addition to grey and tan, also comes in rust and navy - and the one on the right is by TravelSmith.

58 Cherries said...

I was wrong - I could have sworn it was the other way around. Nice!