Friday, December 30, 2011

Some cancelled Missoni orders show up... for free!

Some of you have notified me that all of a sudden, "missing Missoni" items ordered back in September - which you thought would never arrive - have shown up at your door. And indeed, The Cut is reporting that one of their readers not only got his missing order, but that Target is giving it to him for free! Their source (who ordered the Missoni for Target espresso set, shown here) received the following email from Target:

Thank you for your patience and continued support with regard to your Missoni for Target order. Your Missoni item(s) have now shipped and we want to let you know that you will not be invoiced for the item(s) listed below.

If you do not wish to keep the below item(s) please donate them to a local charity or shelter of your choice rather than returning them to Target.

Their source was informed months ago that this very same order had been canceled... and in addition to a full refund, he also received gift certificates from Target for his trouble. So basically, Target paid him for his (albeit very late!) Missoni order.


BrooklynKat said...

I got a couple of Missoni shipments out of the blue too, but alas, not for free! I'm AM returning them to Target. I'm sure the shelves will be restocked soon with returns from people like me.

Target Addict said...

Hi BrooklynKat! Sorry your Missoni didn't end up being free. But FYI (and as I blogged about earlier this week) since the Missoni goods are now over 90 days old, Target will not restock them. Per Target's policy, any store returns at this point will be donated to Goodwill or other charities, and not returned to the store shelves. And if anyone is lucky enough to find some Missoni still at Target, they will hopefully sell it to you, but they may REFUSE to. This happened to me once with a random dress that I was thrilled to find on the clearance rack, but missing a price. When I took it up to Customer Service to look up the price, I was informed that since this item was over 90 days old, they could not sell it to me. They apologized that it was mistakenly put on the clearance rack, but they absolutely would not sell it to me.

MH said...

I think the eBayers are making their returns and Target has to get ride of the stuff at this point.
I just GOT a gift card for my canceled order. It would be nice it they would find me one of the returned items to fill the order, but sadly, I don't think it will happen.

Wishing :)