Monday, December 19, 2011

Shaun White Home Line to debut at Target

Hot on the heels of their successful collaboration with Missoni, the next designer-inspired home collection at Target will be from... Shaun White?? Yes, as odd as it sounds, it's true: the premiere collection of the Shaun White Home Line is set to hit Target stores right after Christmas. The collection, which is the next evolution of the successful Shaun White apparel, accessory and shoe partnership with Target, features a variety of items to fully furnish a kid's room.

"It's been a fun process creating a home product line with Target," said Shaun. "We got our first crack at interior design when my brother Jesse and I worked on the Living Room for Target House at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. So, we jumped at the chance to give home design a shot and came up with stuff that we would've loved to have when we were growing up."

The debut home line is a limited-time only collection that includes bedding, lamps, wall decals, curtains, storage bins, a skateboard rack and piggy banks. Similar to other Shaun White for Target items, the home line is co-designed by Shaun and his brother Jesse, reflecting Shaun's personality, drawing on his love of skateboarding, snowboarding, travel and music. Items will be in stores starting December 26th through June 2012.


tina said...

Not to change the subject, but I got an email from Target that stated that my order is on its way. It was a Missoni sweater I ordered forever ago and had received an email that the order had been cancelled. I also received a 25.00 gift card as an apology. What is up with this website??????

Target Addict said...

hi Tina! Wow....after all this time, you're going to get a Missoni order? At least you got a gift card as a bonus for waiting so long!

tina said...

We shall see! Have a great holiday!! Love your blog!