Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sale Alert: Josie Natori for Target

The first wave of the Josie Natori for Target line now seems to be on sale in stores for 30% off. I say "first wave" because Josie is doing two capsule collections for the Bullseye: the first one was a Holiday edition, and the second one will be for Valentine's Day. Note, however, that the sale seems limited to stores only, as the Josie line is still full priced on Target.com.

From what I saw at my local store, the sleepwear was pretty much gone; most of what was left included bras, briefs, and cami sets (like the one shown here).


Amalthea said...

Have you seen anything about the next collection yet? It's supposed to drop on Sunday!

Target Addict said...

No, sorry - I haven't seen pics of the second Josie for Target collection yet, sorry!

Penelope said...

Hi. There were several Josie items at the Super Target in Sarasota. I was there today. I was really disappointed. The fabrics designs were not appealing and the fabric Itself felt cheap. I know this is the lower tier line. I expected more.

Leslie said...

I love both collections,and yes, I might of gone a bit crazy...

Floral Print Chemise-very comfy!
V-Day Snake Print Cami/undies
Red Bra
Snake Print Tunic

What I love is that this collection seems to run big. Do you find that? I wear a 16 on the bottom and a large fits me fine, which I find odd. But in a good way;) I have been very careful washing these items.
Target addict, what is your experience? I just found your site and I love it!