Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Target's response to the Black Friday backlash...

In Monday's post I told you about the Target employee who started a petition (now with over 90,000 signatures) to protest Target's earlier opening this year at midnight on Thanksgiving. Target issued this statement yesterday in response:

“Black Friday is one of the busiest and most competitive shopping days of the year. We have heard from our guests that they want to shop Target following their Thanksgiving celebrations rather than only having the option of getting up in the middle of the night.”

Target then released another statement on Tuesday afternoon specifically about the employee who started the Facebook petition:

“The team member you are referencing is not now, and has never been, scheduled to work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday at Target. Our understanding is that this team member also works full-time for another retailer. In early November, he informed his Target managers that he was scheduled to work at his other job on Black Friday and indicated that he needed the day off from Target. We honored that request.

Target does our best to work around the schedules of all of our team members, making every effort to accommodate their requests. Target will offer holiday pay to all hourly team members who work on Thanksgiving Day.”

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