Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fab Find: Mossimo fitted plaid shirt

I kept seeing these shirts at Target over the past few weeks, but there would only be a random XS here and there, with none in my size. Now the stores near me seem to be fully stocked, and I'm so glad I picked up a couple of them! These shirts are super-cute, have a flattering, fitted shape, and are made of extra-soft flannel. They also come in over 10 different color combos, making the selection terrific.

And best of all, they seem to be on "secret sale" this week in stores! The shirts are just a paltry $15 to begin with, but they ring up on sale at $10. I thought it might have been a fluke, until I went back to get another shirt today, and the same thing happened.

At another Target near me today, I noticed a sign up with these shirts announcing the $10 sale as a "Remodeling Special". All the Target stores near me that have recently gone through remodeling to add the fresh grocery department seem to have these signs sprinkled through the store on various merchandise. My theory on the shirts is that normally (without the remodel) they would have been put out several weeks earlier, and now they're putting them on sale to try and get them to move.


LaToya said...

How cool you posted this! I just recently bought this shirt in blue! I was amazed at the great fit as well!


Jenna said...

I tried to do this, but it was at regular price. I like the shirt though so I will go and get it eventually i'm sure :)