Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Costume Couture by Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan, creative director of Barneys New York, is taking his sartorial sense of humor to Target this Halloween and launching a line of costumes for grown-ups and pets inspired by reality TV characters. Meaning: fist-pumping "Jersey Shore" meathead types and not-so-real-housewife diva witches.

"I drew my inspiration from pop culture -- both high and low," Doonan, who just happens to celebrate his birthday on Halloween eve, tells StyleList. "I think Halloween is a playful time, perfect for celebrating with the kids or getting in touch with your inner rebel. It's also a great time to step up your fashion game and take a few outlandish risks."

Doonan adds that he was inspired to do the collection because he wanted to help people let loose. "I have always encouraged people to dress in an eccentric or innovative way," he says. "Halloween gives everyone carte blanche to show off and have a little look-at-me-runway moment."

Reality TV shows such as the "Jersey Shore" and its self-professed guidos inspired him because "they get to be exhibitionists," Doonan told WWD. And because it's a signature collection, Doonan got to exhibit a few tricks of his own, leaving messages such as "Chic or Treat?" and "Trick or Trend?" on each of the costumes.

The collection - dubbed "Costume Couture" - will be available at Target stores beginning Sept. 12, and some styles are already available online. Costume Couture starts at $10 for pup frocks to about $30 for adult looks such as Glamour Ghost (shown here), Candace Corn, DJ from the Crypt, and Vegas Vampire.


Critifur said...

Costume FAIL. This is what passes for a Halloween costume from someone known for creativity? They remind me of the cheap costumes of my childhood. You know the ones: plastic mask and smock that portrayed the character.

I like Simon Doonan well enough, I have read one of his books and think he is certainly gifted, but these costumes are disaster, and incredibly LAZY.

Critifur said...

Actually I almost gave him a pass for the candy corn costume, but printing text on it was it's ruin.

Target-Addict said...

Yeah, it kinda seems like he's cashing in with this Target deal, doesn't it? ;-)