Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Target's sunscreen gets top rating from Consumer Reports

Alas, it is still unseasonably cool & rainy here in Northern California, so at the present time we have no need for sunscreen. But for those of you in parts of the country that do need sun protection, some good news: Consumer Reports just rated Target's in-house brand of Up & Up Suncreen as a "Best Buy".

In rigorous testing, Consumer Reports found that Sport Continuous SPF 30 by Up & Up (at Target) provided very good UVA protection and excellent UVB protection and met their SPF claim even after treated skin was soaked in water for 80 minutes.

In addition to testing the sunscreens' overall performance, Consumer Reports also assessed the smell, feel and absorption of the products, because if you think your sun protection stinks or feels greasy, you're less apt to use it.


lise said...

thanks for the info. will have to make sure to pick this up on our target run before we take our summer vacation.

hush said...

You need to wear sunscreen everyday, even when it is cloudy - the most painful sunburns are known to occur on cloudy days. Don't want those fine lines & wrinkles showing up prematurely!

Critifur said...

WOW, sounds great!

Now I need to see what the ingredients are. I just read an article about some sunscreens are thought to cause hormone issues, organ damage, and, cancer!
there is also listings of recommended safer sunscreens. I just had purchased two poorly rated and possibly unsafe/unhealthy sunscreens (Neutrogena) before I read the article. Damn.

Target-Addict said...

Hush: thanks for the reminder. You're technically right. For me personally - and this is just my own choice - I do not wear sunscreen most weekdays as I usually step from my house to the garage, get in my car, drive striaght to work, park in the underground garage there, and then am a slave to my desk all day and never see the outdoors. That said, I feel that daily suncreen on days I'm 100% indoors is a waste.

Target-Addict said...

Critifur: thank you for the ingredient information. :-(
That's discouraging news.
And when I first read the article you linked to, I was afraid that it was going to have a foreign slant, as it seemed to tout the European suncare options (I've long heard the arguement that Europe is far ahead of us in sun damage prevention).

Then I clicked on to the "Best Sunscreens" link to the left, and saw a nice selection of options there, at variety of price points. I guess the point is to find a product that works for you - without chemicals that are bad for you or are irritants, that you like the smell/feel of - so that you'll be sure to actually USE it.

Critifur said...

My current job has me out in the sun most days so I thought I was doing my best to protect myself until I read the article. I am just going to trash the sunblock I already purchased. The Target brands all contain oxybenzone, so I will not be getting that. I am going to have to order some of the "good" stuff.

Amy said...

I saw this on the Today show a few days ago! I am so excited to try it! I have really liked a lot of the Up and Up products. Especially the baby shampoo and make up remover towelettes!