Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sale Alert: Caldrea Essentials at Target

The entire selection of Caldrea Essentials home scents and cleaning products are on sale this week at Target for 15% off. If you've been holding out on trying this new line, now's the perfect time to test it out while it's on sale. And the 3-pc. kitchen sink set with caddy, dish soap, stainless steel spray (shown here, just $16.99 this week) would even make a nice Mother’s Day present.


Dale said...

I love these products. I buy Caldrea's main line too. I guess it's nice that they are on sale. I couldn't wait and bought them when they came out. Lovely scents. The countertop and stainless steel spray are very efficient. And after cleaning, I feel good in the knowledge that I used a product made from plant-based materials instead of harsh chemicals. Too bad you can't get them via the website. I've gone to three different targets and I was never able to find the cute little tea candles.

K10 said...

Dale - I found the candles over by the stationary and not with the cleaning products. The scents vary from what are featured with the cleaning products - but I think a few do match the cleaning collection.

Target-Addict said...

Thanks for the info, K10; I've been looking for the candles myself!