Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bring a bag, save 5-cents

Target has announced it will give customers a 5-cent credit each time they use a reusable bag when making purchases at its stores. Target's 5-cent credit applies per bag used but does not apply to plastic or paper bags from Target or other retailers. Minneapolis-based Target operates more than 1,600 stores in 47 states nationwide.

"This is definitely the largest and most mainstream retailer to do this," said Doug Fleener, a Boston-area consultant and former Bose Corp. retail director.

In similar moves, Texas-based Whole Foods offers grocery customers 10-cents off for bringing in bags of any type. Trader Joe's, based in California, offers incentives that vary by store, including a drawing for a bag of free groceries or a gift card. And last year, Swedish retailer Ikea eliminated disposable bags in its U.S. stores entirely. Only Ikea reusable blue bags are available, in 59-cent or 99-cent versions.

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kbfenner said...

Our regional version of Whole Foods--Earth Fare gives a nickel to the charity of the month for every bag, of any kind, you reuse.