Friday, September 18, 2009

Target's new price-matching policy

Have any of you out there tried Target’s new price-matching policy yet? Their official press release states "As of July 12, Target stores nationwide will match advertised prices from competitors on identical items in local markets, assuring guests that our products are priced right."

The Press Release goes on to say that if you “find a lower price on an identical single item – defined as the same brand and model number that is listed on a local competitor’s printed advertisement, during the effective date of the ad – we will match that price.” You can also get a price adjustment if a competitor has an item on sale that you purchased at Target. The catch is you must have made the purchase within 7 days of the competitor’s sale/ad date. Just take a copy of the competitor’s ad and request your adjustment.

Now I haven’t tested it out yet, but a reporter for the Star Tribune has, and he found the system hit and miss. You can read his full account here, but his main tips are as follows:

• Ads must be complete and current to match.
• If you only have a couple of items for price-matching, go directly to Guest Services for the adjustment.
• Customers with multiple items for price-matching should go through the regular checkout with and then have Guest Services make adjustments on price-matched items.
• This system is NOT for customers in a hurry. Target employees don’t seem to have been given adequate training on it yet, so expect delays as ads are verified (sometimes by multiple employees).

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