Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A few of you have written in that although the Anna Sui for Target line is cute, it’s still too expensive. I can totally understand this; $60 or $70 for a dress is a bit hard to swallow, I know. So that’s why I did a double-take when I saw these new Mossimo items (shown) in store the other day right next to the Anna Sui racks. At first, their styling and colors were so much like Anna’s, I thought that they were designed by her. But instead, Mossimo has crafted this cute paisley-trimmed dress (on sale for just $19.99 this week) and smocked red top (for just $14.99).... which seem AWFULLY SIMILAR to Anna’s Empire Floral Dress at ($49.99) and her Red Starburst Blouse (at $24.99).


Becky said...

The racks are packed with stuff at my local Targets. You're right...the clothes might be dirt cheap for Anna Sui but expensive for Target. I ended up returning the dress I bought on Sunday. For what it cost, it should fit awesome but it didn't. The Merino dresses I've bought in the past fit better. Go figure. I like everything else I bought, though.

MH said...

I also saw these and wondered about it.
Interesting that Mossimo is knocking of the AS stuff. Hopefully the sizing is not just for teens! :)