Saturday, September 12, 2009

Early Review: Anna Sui for Target

Today on a hunch I went to my favorite (albeit not the closest) Target store, thinking they just might put the Anna Sui for Target collection out early (as they've done with past designer collaborations). My hunch was spot-on, and this Target had the entire collection already out on the floor in a wide range of sizes. In talking to one of the clerks, it sounds like they had just put it out this morning. And soon, myself and at least half a dozen other "frugalistas" were circling the racks and piling clothes into our carts on our way to the dressing rooms.

I'll cut to the chase here: I really liked the majority of what I saw and tried on. Not everything fit to my liking, which is why I only ended up with 2 items. My prized posession is the leather jacket shown here; there were only 2 left when I got there, and luckily one was my size. Yes, at $149.99 it is the most expensive piece in the collection. But since I keep hearing that black leather jackets are one of the "must have" items for Fall, and this one is made of super-soft leather and seems well made, I could justify the purchase. Add to that the fact that Anna's jacket fits me like a dream, and the purchase was a no-brainer.

The other item I bought was an adorable LBD, which I thought was going to be too "frou-frou", but once I got it on it was the perfect balance of sexy and sweet. I'll post a picture of that once Anna's line is up on Target's site tomorrow, as I cannot find it among any other website's preview pics.

I could be mistaken, but it seems as if there's a lot of items in Anna's line - much more so that past designer collaborations. Meaning, there are many options and a variety of styles going on here, and something for almost anyone. That being said, while I was shopping I noticed fashionable women of all sizes, shapes and ages pouring over the racks and trying things on.

Now for the low points...the metallic dress used in the Target merchandising (and featured in my post on Thursday and on another post from a couple of weeks ago) is really bright and shiny - much more so than shown. Just be warned that it really looks nothing like the pictures! And the sweaters, unfortunately, are made of a mohair blend. Which is fine for those without allergy issues, but for myself, I had to pass.

What do you think, dear readers? Have you shopped the Anna collection yet, and if so, have you bought anything?


Anonymous said...

My favouite was the black cardigan with tulle + gold lace waisted one!

I am, however, going to make it a 3/4 sleeve, as my arms are shorter, and they run too long.

Glad you got the leather jacket. I can't wait to see the e-Bay greedy sellers hogging up all the jackets and charging them double the price on eBay.

Lucy in the Sky said...

oh wow the two pieces you named that were part of the "low points". :b I loved the metallic dress! I thought it looked a lot better in person...loved the color. Still too expensive for me at $70 so I've got to wait for a sale or something. And the mohair sweater was quite nice...interesting sleeves and cut. Anna's collection exceeded my expectations but I just wondered why in the world she would make such a horrible long sleeved tee (perhaps you know what I'm referring to). My Target is the local cheap spot, not the local fashion outlet so fashionistas don't frequent the store very often. There were some trendy Asians who looked in my direction when I found Anna Sui items and squealed, though.

and @greenlimepickle, people put them up on eBay?? UGH!!!!! I just hate that.

Target-Addict said...

Greenlimepickle, that's a cute idea about shortening the sleeves on the tulle-trimmed cardigan! I did try that piece on, too, and although it was cute, I passed on it since I was already buying the leather jacket.

And speaking of which...yep, it's already on eBay, at $100 over the retail price (for $250!).

Target-Addict said...

Lucy, I'm glad you liked the metallic dress; maybe it'll eventually go on sale and you can snag one. I wasn't saying that I hated it...just warning folks that it really looks NOTHING like the pictures. And for me, it's just too bright and flashy. But for those of you who can pull it off, I say go for it!

Angela said...

did you happen to see the breadboard dress? it was one of the first to sell out online. I'm tempted to go to target and see, but at $69.99, that's pretty pricey. You can buy an anna sui dress on ebay for less.

Sher said...

Mohair makes me break out in a rash too. Yeah! on getting that black jacket!

Becky said...

Swung by my closest Target this a.m.. I was also surprised at the volume of stuff. Bought a blouse, a dress (brown pattern), and the long-sleeved tee with the Anna Sui butterfly logo. I was sorely tempted by the $70 lace dress; it looks just like one of her runway creations. But I didn't think I could pull it off. So I got the other dress instead. It's cute and I can wear it to work. The blouse looked similar to one I saw at Anthro last week for way more money.

The other stuff was a little glittery for me, but I'll scour other Targets to see if they got anything my store didn't. All in all, not everything was great (they never are with the Go International line) but the best one they've done in a while.

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