Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. Now I don't know about you, but I love sunglasses. Problem is, I lose and/or drop them a lot... making investing in Gucci or Chanel shades out of the question for me, as they'd just never make it past one season. So for me, the solution is to buy several pairs of fashionable - yet frugally-priced - sunglasses and keep them all over the house, office, as well as my car so that I'll always have a pair handy when I need them. That's why this week's pick is Target's Merona sunglasses (pictured) on sale this week for just $14 a pop. At this great price, I can get my fashion-shade fix and not feel guilty about that pair I just accidently sat on in the car (oops!)

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MH said...

Hey Target Addict--great tip on Sunglasses for less!!! Knock wood, I still have my Jackie O sunglasses--it's the one good pair I haven't LOST or broken :)

Great minds think alike, sunglasses are summer essentials.