Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beauty on a Budget: Haircare at Target

From the Detroit Free Press, here are some tips on getting professional-grade results with at-home haircare from hair expert Umberto Savone, the California-based hairstylist to the stars (including Christina Applegate, pictured). His Umberto Beverly Hills products are available exclusively at Target and at

• First, read hair color instructions carefully. Do not try to change your color more than 2 or 3 shades from its natural color. You need a professional with access to professional grade hair color to do this.
• Next, rub Vaseline along your hairline to keep color from getting on your skin.
• Apply color to re-growth only, not on the ends.
• To protect the color, wait at least 48 hours after coloring to wash your hair.
• Also, don't wash your hair every day. Think about using a dry shampoo between regular shampoos.
• And finally, avoid hair products with alcohol because they can dry out your hair and cause the color to fade.

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