Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Clearance Alert: Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics

Heads up, readers: it's the last call for Sonia Kashuk cosmetics. As I blogged about 6 months ago, Sonia sold her brand back in 2015 to Target, and last Spring was her last collection for the retailer before stepping down permanently. At that time, I shared MusingsOfAMuse's prediction that Target would keep Sonia's brushes and makeup bags, but phase out the makeup to make room for newer brands. And that indeed seems to be happening, as readers of her blog have just confirmed that Sonia Kashuk color cosmetics are starting to go on clearance in stores.

I did a quick check of Target’s website, and many of her products are already sold out - with shipping unavailable - and store pickup not an option, either. There is a “check stores” button, to show what stores in your area still carries the item. So now's the time to stock up on your favorites before they're gone forever. I know I'll be scouring my local stores for Sonia's Luxe Tinted Lip Balm to snap up my fave colors.


aah said...

Everything at my local stores is on clearance, including brushes and bags. I would say they are phasing out the entire line. That's unfortunate, because she had several items that were comparable to higher end brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown, at a much lower price point.

Target Addict said...

Aah: I'm not sure they're phasing everything out. Not all products at my local stores are on clearance. The newer makeup bags and brush sets are NOT on sale, and likewise some of the Sonia beauty tools (like the eyelash curlers) are still full price. But it looks like all the color cosmetics and skincare products are being discontinued.