Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Would Amazon really buy Target?

Multiple news outlets reported yesterday that Amazon could buy Target after top analyst Gene Munster put out a list of his top tech predictions for 2018 - including Amazon acquiring Target, calling it an "ideal offline partner for Amazon."

Gizmodo thinks Munster’s theory makes sense to some degree. Target’s stock has mostly been on a downward spiral since 2015, and hit a five-year low this summer before recovering to finish out the year almost exactly where it began. A restructuring plan has Target’s CEO speaking positively about the future, but the retailer may see Amazon’s deep pockets as a guaranteed route to survival.

For Amazon, big ambitious moves are necessary to compete with Walmart, although they have already shelled out $13.7 billion on the acquisition of Whole Foods. What do you think, readers? Would Amazon buying Target being a good thing, or not?


stellafide said...

I think it would be bad for consumers! I often compare the two companies for product offering and price, so if they become one, the price competition and availability of variety I think would diminish.

JCH said...

Terrible for both Target employees and Guests. Eventual layoffs at corporate would be a certainty. Minneapolis would be devastated, particularly downtown, where Target is omnipresent and loved. I’d fear we would lose the Target “something” (aka Secret Sauce) that makes Target so lovable.