Sunday, April 9, 2017

Victoria Beckham X Target: What Did You Buy?

Whether or not the Victoria Beckham for Target collab will be a sellout remains to be seen, but I can report that I had NO PROBLEM ordering everything I wanted at about 6:15 Pacific Time this morning. In addition to this dress (shown) I also bought 3 tops.

While the site didn't seem to have any issues this time around, reports from the Mirror indicate that UK fans had heaps of trouble ordering from Online shoppers reported the site kept crashing and the checkout function kept failing.

How about you, readers? Did you order online, and if so, were you successful? Or did you brave the store to see the collab in person today?


danioolgle said...

I think Victoria Beckham is a very stylish woman but I can't imagine her in any of the clothing in this collection. Actually it shocked me when I saw the previews of the clothing. I didn't care for even one item in it.
I thought the prints and styles for women were very ugly.
I do appreciate that she has plus sizes but with the obesity epidemic in America, how could she not if she wants to sell clothes.
If the clothing doesn't look flattering on a model, how is it going to look on an average person.
Just my opinion. I'm sure there are a lot of women that are going to like the collection because of the label.

kittyk said...

I didn't make to Target in person until 10:30 am Sunday, and there was still a lot left, but mostly plus sizes. I really just wanted the Bee Scarf since NOTHING else appealled to me. I agree completely with the comment above -- if the clothes look dreadful on the MODELS, how are they going to look on a "real" person? Everything seemed designed to make a body look like a large rectangle.

I will say the children's clothing was very cute -- although a fellow shopper put back a pink toddler dress saying it was "stain factory". I also thought the sticker books and paper dolls were sweet and nicely retro.

I maintain the best Target collaboration ever was Missoni. I have many many pieces of great quality knit (and the scarves were SILK!) that I continue to wear year over year.

Thanks, Target Addict! For years of GREAT posts!

Anonymous said...

The only items I was interested in purchasing were the bomber jackets. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so none of the dresses appealed to me, plus the colors where a little too bright for my taste. Although, if I were a couple of sizes smaller, I definitely would have went for the cute bunny sweater with the buttons on the shoulder. I saw a few twitter posts of women buying the girls XL.

I was able to order both bomber jackets in medium online, but after seeing comments on twitter about the jackets being a little on the small side, I decided to head to Target today to see if I could try on a large before my order came in Friday. Luckily, they were just putting a size large mint green bomber jacket back on the floor from the fitting room so i was able try it on. It fit so the medium is going back once it arrives. I could only find the blush bomber in XL so I wasn't able to try it on. The fabric looks and feels like your grandmother's old couch. I think that will be going back even if it ends up fitting me.

I don't know if it really represents the demand since I went to a pretty low key Target, but the store that I went to this afternoon had quite a bit of the little girls and baby stuff left. I even saw the calla lily pants that I think are sold out online and a few dresses.

I agree that this will be like the other collaborations where items will be on sale in the upcoming weeks as people start returning items. Most of it just didn't seem like something the average person would wear unless they time traveled back to the 60's and we haven't reached that point yet were the 60's are cool again.

Target Addict said...

Danioolgle: I agree that this collab doesn't reflect VB's personal style. It makes me wonder how much "design" work she actually put into it vs. just directing the various "looks" and then letting a team of Target designers take it from there.

KittyK: agreed that Missioni was likely the best Target collab. I still have some pieces from that line, as well as the Phillip Lim one - the navy/black blazer and the oversized tote bag.

Mecca: I'll be visiting a different Target store today, so it'll be interesting to see what's left a couple day into the launch. Yesterday I saw a very tall, blonde "model type" gal in the mint green lace dress. She "rocked it", but I did a double take as I *think* the dress isn't lined and thus it was see thru! If I see it in the store, I'll have to check for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think the mint green dress is made of the same material as the bomber jacket, so it does have a "nude" lining on the inside like the bomber. If you have a lighter skin tone, it might make you look like you're wearing nothing underneath. lol

Target Addict said...

Mecca, you're absolutely right: I saw the mint green dress in the store today, and it does have a nude-colored lining. The store I went to today did not have a ton of the VB line left, so this store either sold it especially well OR they got less stock to begin with than the store I visited on Sunday.

meresu said...

Actually if you look at her SS 2017 Victoria by Victoria Beckham line you can see how similar her target line is to it. Shell style tops with color coordinated pants, small bell sleeves, shift dresses, ruffles, etc. So I believe she did her own work.

NSHD said...

Went to my local Target over the weekend and was told by one of the sales staff that people have been returning a lot of the women's items in droves so if any of you are in the East Bay (Emeryville), they had a lot of ladies wear in various sizes, I saw a lot of floral scuba dresses and the drop waisted dresses in both the floral print and orange/black combo, along with the striped dress (which I tried on my usual size M -- it made me look pregnant and runs very large) and the black peplum jacket.

Target Addict said...

NSHD: agreed that a lot of customer returns are trickling in. At my closest store (Redwood City) they initially almost sold out of the line, shrinking the selection down to one small rack. Now that rack is overflowing with returns, so they're going to have to expand to two or more racks to fit it all. Seems like a lot of the "lily motif' dresses and pants are being returned. I also saw a lot of orange (the dresses and skirts) and the black/white mod shift dresses.

Queen Elizabeth said...

I see a lot of go backs at Target in Murrieta North. Most of them are dresses with the bunnies on them. They still have a bunch of skirts though.